17 August 2014

17th of August

Farm news
Crunching continues for Seti. RAC (recent average credit) has hit 70,000 and total credit has just passed 21 million. My new target is 25 million for total credit before I start cutting back.

I am slowly rolling out the new optimised Seti apps that I mentioned in the last blog post. For each machine I run the down the cache until they are out of work before installing them. I could just stop BOINC, install the apps and then start it up again but I would rather have a clean change over in case something is wrong. It takes about a day to run down the cache on the Intel-GPU machines. The Nvidia-GPU machines will be done last.

I am also noticing that there is a general shortage of work for Seti, probably due to the challenge running at the moment and all the extra computers. Quite often my machines will make work requests and get nothing. BOINC will retry but starts to back-off the requests if it keeps failing to get work.

The Parallella's picked up BOINC 7.4.13 today. I had one Parallella set up to define the Epiphany co-processor and the first thing it did when it came up was to make a scheduler request for some work for it. There wasn't any but at least the client can now request work for a user-defined co-processor. There still aren't any apps that can use the Epiphany at the moment.

14 August 2014

14th of August

Farm news
As I said in the last post the farm is merrily crunching away Seti work. RAC (recent average credit) has now climbed to 65000. That is average credits per day.

Being the middle of the month I got a bunch of windows updates. I have to apply them on 12 machines which all takes time.

I tried installing boinc_app_seti via the repo on a Raspberry Pi. It ran for about 10 minutes before crashing the Pi. I then had to reboot the Pi, remove the app and detach it from Seti. It would appear to be rather unstable. The Pi is now back to crunching for Einstein.

Project news - CPDN
Their database server crashed. Last I heard they have been trying to set up a virtual machine to replace the old server they had. They have been off-line for around 3 days now. While I have completed and upload my tasks I can't report them as completed until they can get the server going.

Project news - Seti
We got updated optimised apps for Seti. They updated the installer to v0.42. See the Lunatics web site http://lunatics.kwsn.net/ for these. I will be running down one of the Intel-GPU machines and installing them on it before I roll them out to the other machines. The CPU apps in particular are faster.

One of the teams (Seti.Germany) are running a challenge from the 15th to the 29th of August. This is timed with the anniversary of the Seti Wow signal back on the 15th of August 1977.

03 August 2014

3rd of August

Farm news
We had a cold snap so I fired up one of the 12 core crunchers to help out. I generally don't use them much these days because they use more power than the other (newer) machines and are also a bit slower. I don't expect the cold weather to last.

I have passed the RAC (recent average credit) figure I had for Seti before going away. Usually it takes about a month to settle but after a week and a bit we're up to 35,000 and it looks like its still climbing. All the decent hardware is crunching for Seti at the moment. The lesser hardware (Raspberry Pi's and the Parallella's) are doing Einstein work.

I managed to pick up some stray ClimatePrediction work (like 1 work unit each) on 4 of the Intel GPU machines. They are happily running alongside the Seti work,

BOINC testing
I rolled out 7.4.8 to most of the farm this week. Then after a fair bit of break between versions we got 7.4.12 for testing. I've got it on one machine. It has a few cosmetic issues under windows but apart from that nothing major seems wrong with it.

26 July 2014

26th of July

Welcome back. After a bit of a break we're back crunching.

As I said in my last post everything was off while I was away. Everything powered up just fine, well the half of the farm that I have tried so far. I still haven't powered up the Nvidia GPU machines yet. There were the usual patches to apply, so that took a bit of time and there was a new alpha-test version of BOINC, so I installed that on one machine. No problems so far for the Intel GPU machines.

The Parallella's came up fine and most of the Raspberry Pi's did except one. I did an update on it and then it refused to boot. I had to re-image the SD card with an old backup and then did another update which seems to have fixed it and also gave me the alpha-test BOINC client. So far its behaving.

I will update the Nvidia GPU machines when I get time. At the moment the Intel GPU machines are doing ClimatePrediction work which hogs the computer until its done. They are the EU regional models which are fairly quick by their standards at 44 hours each. Once they are through I will be concentrating on Seti work as I still haven't got the credits up to the other projects yet, only about another 5 million needed. The Parallella's and Raspberry Pi's crunch Einstein work.

As seems to be usual with large files the ClimatePrediction work get stuck uploading so I have had to use the old dial-up to get the stuck files through. That takes a bit of baby-sitting and fiddling with settings.