18 January 2009

Plodding along towards 4 million

Nothing much to report this week. The "farm" is currently working its way (rather slowly) to its next goal of 4 million credits for all projects. As I write this its on 3.7 million. This week was rather hot so the machines have been switched off during the day and only get to crunch at night when things have cooled down.

Einstein have transitioned from run 4 to run 5 (and a new science application) without a peep. Seti are still looking at their cuda application and think they may have it sorted out, so there may be a new version coming out next week. GPUgrid are also looking at a new version of their science application program.

The BOINC developers also think they will be releasing a new version that includes the latest work-fetch changes to better support cuda processing.

The graphics cards I ordered before christmas have yet to turn up. The latest ETA is tomorrow, but i'll believe that when they arrive. The shop ordered a different brand to what I asked for. I have already updated Luke with one of the new power supplies and a case fan in preparation.

NVIDIA have indicated they will be releasing a GTX212 in the 2nd quarter of 2009, so instead of looking at GTX260's for the multi-gpu machine I will probably use these. See my New year plans post below.

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