14 April 2009

Easter long weekend

Nothing much to report this week. I went away for an extra long easter long weekend. Late last week I ran down the cache on all the machines except one (Maul) and powered them off. Now that i'm back I have 3 going and will power up the others later.

Late last week I ordered a couple of GTS250 graphics cards for two of the quaddies that have yet to be upgraded. I already have 500 watt power supplies, but have been holding off the purchase of graphics cards pending nVidia releases. They should be available later this week.

In my absence it appears Einstein and GPUgrid have both gone off the air. Einstein's database ran out of memory. GPUgrid had a power failure, but appear to be back on-line as I write this.

BOINC 6.6.20 became the latest release version, so i'm up to date on all the machines. However there have already been a couple of development versions released since then. I will see if it warrants further beta-testing.

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