07 November 2009

64 bits - sort of

This weeks news...

Spock updates to Win 7 x64
Spent a few hours upgrading Spock to Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) today.

The first part was to install windows, this went smoothly. I then installed the nVidia 190.62 (64 bit) drivers and a bunch of windows updates. Next I installed the 64 bit version of BOINC. This went fine too. I then copied the BOINC directories that I had backed up. When I started up BOINC it then complained that it couldn't connect to the core client. After a bit of fiddling I did a reinstall with the repair option. That fixed it. Still running the 32 bit apps at this point. I tentatively let it download some work for Seti, as I use an app_info file for it. It downloaded a bunch of cuda work so I stopped it asking for more. I used the ReSchedule tool to shift some of them over to the cpu to make sure they run fine.

I shut it down again and removed the existing 3 x 1Gb RAM sticks and installed 3 x 2Gb sticks. I restarted it and we're off! Everything seems to be running fine now. I am waiting for it to finish off the Seti work before I try updating the Seti multibeam science app to 64 bit. Its the only Windows/Seti optimised app to have a 64 bit version.

Replacement GTX295 arrived
I got a replacement GTX295 on Wednesday. It arrived unannounced. Its the older dual PCB version. So I complained to the company I purchased it from pointing out that I purchased the single PCB version. The guy on the other end tried to tell me they were newer. After that I had to send an email showing i'd ordered the single PCB version, which I did. The guy rang back and then tried to tell me there weren't any in stock and I was mistaken where they were shipped from (Brisbane). I suggested they might like to replace it with a different brand as long as its the single PCB version or refund my money.

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