09 May 2010

May day

Maul back in the shop
It seems he just can't handle things when it gets under CPU load. Interestingly it works quite well running just GPU work, so something screwey with the motherboard. The shop seems to think that ASUS would have swapped the motherboard for a reconditioned one the last time it was in. Hopefully it won't take 2 months this time.

BOINC versions
We are up to 6.10.52 for Windows this week. The developers have been working on the file xfer limits. Unfortunately in its current form not much use to me. My ISP has a concept of peak and off-peak limits. Also i'd need to apply the limits across the entire "farm". I've put it on 2 of the machines and they have been working fine so far.

Obi-Wan returns
Given Maul is back in the shop and Qui-Gon is playing up I dug out another oldie and fired it up. All the quaddies have been sitting around gathering dust, so after reinstalling BOINC and then allowing Windows update to bring it up to date its off and running.

I hope this one lasts better than Qui-Gon, which works for about 2 days then starts beeping and needs 2 days rest before resuming work again. Another screwey motherboard.

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