20 June 2010

20th of June

GPUgrid reaches 15M
This weekend I passed the 15 million milestone for GPUgrid. Things are bubbling along nicely there. See certificate below.

Seti and Seti-Beta woes
The BOINC developers were testing a number of changes to do with DCF (duration correction factors), work fetch and credit normalisation on Seti-Beta. They then seem to have implemented it on the main project without any warning. This is causing a number of issues with no credit being granted and machines not getting work any more. The DCF also varies wildly. All in all a total stuff up. From reading the forums a number of users are getting upset.

Fortunately I have only one machine doing Seti now, so i've simply set it to no new work and its concentrating on Einstein. I'll look at it again next week and see if they have managed to fix their issues. No point stressing about it and there are other more useful scientific projects that I can help.

ClimatePrediction are now well into the Famous work units. I've managed to complete a few. They typically run for 260 hours on my i7 machines. I have disabled the smaller HADAM3P work units (they normally take 60 hours) as the project wants to get the Famous work completed in 4 months.

Well this machine is still playing up, typically rebooting at least once per day. I'll look into replacing the power supply and maybe the case next week.

Future hardware
At the moment i'm waiting to see the GF104 GPU's from nvidia. There are a number of rumours about their specs and pricing. The GTX460 sounds like it might be the card to go for when they become available. Expected release date is either June or July.

The i7-980x doesn't look like its going to drop in price any time soon. They are just too expensive at this point to bother with.

Still nothing from LucidLogix regarding their Adventure 2000 or Adventure 2500, so it looks like they are simply vapourware.

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