19 September 2010

19th of September

Nothing new this week.

Project news - Orbit
The completed their 1st run of 300,000 work units last week. The 2nd run of another 300,000 work units is underway.

Their server has crashed and the web site is down. For the 2nd run they are issuing the tasks to 2 computers and have a 3 day deadline (now likely to be missed). If not returned in time they will get reissued to another computer.

Project news - Seti
Their servers were off most of the week due to an air conditioner failure. They are now back online.

They have settled on a replacement science server that the fund raiser was for. I have put in $500 for them to get additional disk capacity (2Tb drives instead of 1Tb).

Nvidia beta drivers
They've been quiet for a while but have released new (beta) drivers. Version 260.63 supports cuda 3.2. They also have reworked their installer so that it can now do a clean install and not install certain components. Initial reports say it may be slightly quicker when running existing (cuda 2.3, 3.0 and 3.1) apps.

Cuda 3.2
As mentioned above the new drivers provide cuda 3.2 support. There is a non-disclosure agreement covering it, however rumours suggest the FFT libraries have been reworked for fermi-chips and provide substantial speed improvements.

Last week the 2nd one was playing up. When I power up the machine it would tell me there wasn't a VGA card installed. Off to the shop it went. It of course worked for them, so I brought it back home today and will reinstall it later in the week.

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