05 December 2010

5th of December

Nothing new this week

BOINC testing
We're up to 6.12.8 this week. So far no issues. They are looking at this one being released soon.

Project news - Seti
New servers have been switched over, except for the science database one (they were copying it from the old machine just before the weekend). We got some resends of old timed-out work on Friday. I managed to get 2 work units, which were promptly done and returned.

Computing focus
Currently Einstein is the most reliable project.

Seti will come back on-line next week so I will be able to do some work on a couple of machines for it.

Climate Prediction I am trying to finish off the 3 remaining work units on 2 machines which usually get switched off during the day (due to the weather).

Orbit doesn't have any work currently.

GPUgrid have issues with their app that cause the machines to crash, so i'm not doing any work for them at the moment. Things aren't so good at the moment with their cuda 3.1 app crashing and their 10 hour work units. I might put old drivers on the 2 machines with GTX295's to see if that resolves their app issue.

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