05 March 2011

5th of March

None this week.

BOINC testing
We got 6.12.16 today. It has a number of changes around the notices area. I will be putting it on a machine later tonight.

Kirk home
Yes he finally came home. It also has a SSD in it. It doesn't really need one. I'm not too sure why I got it, but anyway it there now. So far its managed to finish off its work successfully, so i've given it a full load along with a couple of GPUgrid tasks. We'll see how it handles them.

The 120mm fan on the back of the case was rattling, so I got them to replace it with a Noctua while I was there. It would seem the CoolerMaster fans aren't too reliable as its the 2nd one I have had to replace so far.

Project news - Climate Prediction
Its seems we can't upload or get any work from them at the moment. I have a couple of completed EU tasks on one machine that have been trying to upload for a couple of days and the trickles can't get through either.

From checking on their web site it appears they are doing some database maintenance that is running longer than expected.

Project news - GPUgrid
It seems nvidia have jumped to Cuda 4.0 (well its in release candidate mode for a March release). The GPUgrid guys are just going to skip 3.2 and go to 4.0 for the next app. They will still support Cuda 3.1 for those people running older drivers.

Project selection
Given Orbit has gone into hibernation I have detached all the machines from it except Maul. I left him on it even though its not likely to get any work, so that way I will know if they come back online.

At the moment Maul and Obi-Wan are doing Seti work almost exclusively, the others are running a mixture of Climate Prediction, Einstein and GPUgrid.

It turned cooler today, so I have 4 machines running flat-out at the moment, including Kirk. They have managed to get through a fair bit of work so we might get near a milestone or two in about a week.

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