20 June 2012


The farm now has a couple of Nvidia GeForce GTX670 cards. These ones are the Palit Jetstream version. They are factory overclocked with a dual-fan cooling solution and 2Gb of memory.
This is the box they come in, complete with a carry handle on top (why?)

And this is what you get for your money:
  • The GTX670
  • A quick installation guide
  • Driver disc
  • A molex to PCIe power adaptor cable
  • A DVI to VGA adaptor
  • A HDMI to DVI adaptor

Here is an end view. As you can see its a bit wider than 2 slots.

Here is a view from the top. You can see the dual PCIe power connectors towards the middle of the card.

And here we are installed in one of the crunchers. This one is replacing a GTX570 (also a Palit factory overclocked version).

This is what GPU-Z has to say about the card

And here is the Sensors tab while its under load. As you can see its only using 48% GPU load and thats while running a GPUgrid work unit using CUDA 4.2, although to be fair different work unit types give different loads.

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