03 August 2012

3rd of August

Today I passed 80 million credits for GPUgrid. Below is my certificate. It seems the last one I took was 30 million back on the 18th of December 2010. On the rankings by RAC (Recent Average Credit) I am now up to position 28 for GPUgrid.
All this can be attributed to two things:
  • Their new CUDA 4.2 science app
  • My two (not so new now) GTX670 cards

BOINC testing
We got 7.0.33 yesterday. Unfortunately over at Seti it seems all the existing GPU work units fail with "estimated time limit exceeded" errors. There were some changes to the estimated time calculation in this release so its quite likely related. Until this issue is thought out its probably best to stay away from .32 and .33 for the time being.
It you are a Mac user then 7.0.31 became the recommended version. This is because there are a number of installer changes to support OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
GPUUG news
Things have been fairly quiet because the Seti project staff were rather thin on the ground. However there is possibly a new project to consider. We're awaiting the Seti staff to let us know what they'd like to tackle next.
The Transport hard disk fund raiser has a fair way to go yet to finish off and get the additional disk drives the project needs for transporting data from telescopes back to the Space Sciences lab at UCB.
Project news - CPDN
Climate Prediction had problems during the week. It seems their scientists submitting the thousands of new work units have omitted to send some of the files that are used to make up a work unit. When they get to processing the 2nd month they all fail (each work unit represents 1 year).

After a number of complaints of failed work units the project cancelled all of the work units awaiting to be sent. Presumably they all had this problem. So now we're out of work and hoping they will generate new work units that contain all the necessary files rather quickly..

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