24 October 2012

More on the Raspberry Pi

It seems the B model of the Pi has been updated to 512Mb memory. Hopefully the Pi that I have on back-order will turn up with this as the one I have only has 256Mb.

I've been doing a bit of searching to see if anyone has a compiled Seti app. It seems a few people do but none are in the repo. In fact if you do a sudo apt-get install boinc-app-seti it returns an error saying it can't find it but its referenced.

The other issue is there is an armel version and the Pi should use the armhf (ARM hard float) version so the apps need to be compiled for this platform to get the best performance.

The good news is you can download it manually from the Debian pakages page:

I had to download it to my PC, stick it on a USB memory stick and then copy it across to the Pi. Once its there you'll need to unpack the files into the appropiate directories. The File Manager that comes bundled with the Pi  will allow this.


Owen said...

Thank you, I downloaded it for the wheezy arml OS. However once it installed, I dont see the seti@home project in boinc. Any ideas?

Mark G James said...

Downloading the apps won't do anything in itself other than giving you the programs to run. You still need to attach to the project. Use Tools -> Add project.

Once you've done that it will complain the project doesn't have an app for the ARM. You will need to create an app_info.xml file with the nexcessary information in it to tell BOINC which files to use. This is referred to as the Anonymous Platform mechanism. If you search the BOINC (or Seti) sites you should find documentation on how to use it.

Owen said...

Thanks! That worked. I just installed the .deb and attached the project Many thanks!

Andrew said...

I've managed to install Boinc and the seti app but every task ends with a computation error. There's nothing of use in event log so I'm stuck.

Mark G James said...

Andrew, I would check your version of the boinc-client. As I mentioned in more recent posts you can get the boinc-client directly from the Raspbian repo now. Try remove and reinstal. If you got it from an alternative repo you may need to get rid of the alternative repo before reinstalling. If problems persist there is always the Seti and/or BOINC forums.