03 November 2013

3rd of November

Farm news
Some good news this week. Firstly the replacement power supply for the Drobo arrived, so it was pressed into service the day it arrived.

Also I picked up the 2Tb hard disks which I will be putting into the file server soon. I needed the Drobo to backup the existing drives first.

The older file server is now an additional proxy server, the one I mentioned rebuilding last week. It and the dial-up have been going all week to upload CPDN tasks. I have cleared 2 out of 5 machines so far but its very slow going. Files take 10 hours to push through. I had a wasted day where the wife kept trying to use the phone and that meant the 56k modem kept being disconnected.

I am still waiting on a replacement KVM so I can't access half the farm. That's the half with the Nvidia GPU's, but then its been too hot to use them anyway.

BOINC testing
Just after I wrote last weeks post we got 7.2.26 which is expected to be released on Monday as a the "production" client. I have installed it on the few machines that were running a slightly older version. Everything seems to work as expected.

Project news - Asteroids
They've release some details of work we've been crunching. We have managed to calculate the shapes of 114 more asteroids which brings the project up to 390 so far. The link to their results is http://asteroidsathome.net/scientific_results.html

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