15 March 2014

15th of March

Farm news
Again another hot week so nothing much running. I did leave one of the Intel-GPU machines running for a couple of days. The Raspberry Pi's keep going too.

I am still playing with OpenVMS. I will start another blog for it.

Still waiting for a Parallella (or two) to arrive. The latest update was they produced 800 and had more undergoing testing for the batch of 1000. They are waiting on more PCB's to arrive.

BOINC testing
We got 7.3.11 this week so I have been running it on a couple of the Intel GPU machines. The main change is around the notices handling so it can display video and other content, not just text. This is possible because of the upgrade to the wxWidgets 3.0 library which is used extensively by the manager.

Unfortunately some Linux distributions are still running older versions of wxWidgets so they will have to statically link it into the manager for them. Also the Raspberry Pi which runs a version of Debian is way behind the current release. Its currently got 7.0.27 when the "release" version is currently 7.2.42.

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