20 May 2014

More Parallella

As you would have gather from my previous post both my Parallella's arrived. As usual there was some drama getting them going.

  • I didn't have a micro-HDMI cable. so I got one on eBay, that took a few days.

  • I plugged the Parallella into the Belkin dual-USB and it didn't want to boot. I was greeted with a single green LED on the board flashing about once per second. That indicates power problem. But the Belkin is rated to deliver 2.1A output, yet the Parallella clearly refused to boot. I ended up getting a rather expensive adapter from Dick Smith that was rated to 3A output. That fixed the flashing LED.

  • The 1st of 3 micro-SD cards refused to boot. All I got on the monitor was two penguins on the top left of the screen. I swapped the micro-SD card for another one and that booted up. Strange because all 3 cards have the same image.

  • Next I had to remember all the things I configure on the Pi and do them again on the Parallella. Things like getting apt to use the proxy server, naming the host and giving it the other host names. After that it was install BOINC, which got 7.2.7 from the repo and then setup the couple of config files that it uses.

At this point its now running an Einstein BRP4 work unit..
5   01-01-1970 11:00 AM Processor: 2 ARM
6   01-01-1970 11:00 AM Processor features: swp half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpd32
7   01-01-1970 11:00 AM OS: Linux: 3.12.0-g0bc9c3a-dirty
8   01-01-1970 11:00 AM Memory: 969.19 MB physical, 0 bytes virtual

32   01-01-1970 11:00 AM Benchmark results:
33   01-01-1970 11:00 AM    Number of CPUs: 2
34   01-01-1970 11:00 AM    325 floating point MIPS (Whetstone) per CPU
35   01-01-1970 11:00 AM    1441 integer MIPS (Dhrystone) per CPU

Hmm looks like it needs to set the clock too.

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