07 June 2014

7th of June

Farm news
Its turned a bit cooler so I have managed to get a few more machines up and running. The GPUgrid crunchers were running and they promptly trashed 16 work units each. Not my fault though they are bad work units and all the Windows users are failing them, so they pretty much are all flagged as bad work units apart from the few that get picked up by Linux users.

The Intel-GPU cluster continue to do Seti work with one finishing off its ClimatePrediction work units. The CPDN work units have about 62 hours to go and there doesn't appear to be any more work from them. Once its finished i'll get it onto Seti work as well.

The 60mm fans arrived in a 60cm box with a lot of brown paper for padding. I think they used a larger box to justify the $44 delivery fee. One has been put onto the Raspberry Pi that was looking rather naked with the 60mm hole in the top. The other two are spares at the moment.

They continue to crunch. I've had one lock up after about a week of running. The only solution is to unplug the power connector, wait about 10 seconds and plug it back in again. I am not too sure why they aren't stable as the Pi's run for months without needing any intervention.


Mainboarder said...

I had the same problem with raspberry pi doing asteroids@home (also in june/july).
Unplugging and restarting helped for arround a day

After all I stopped the Pi from doing BOINC. Maybe I will resume it later

Mark G James said...

I had issues with the boinc-app-seti on the Pi's. Kept crashing the Pi's so I removed it.

The Parallella's and Pi's are stable at the moment (Nov 2014) running the Einstein BRP4 app. Typically they will go for months without requiring a reboot.