23 August 2014

23rd of August

Farm news
As per the last 2 posts were still crunching away at Seti. Recent average credit is around 79 to 80k so its still climbing a bit. Total credits are around 21.5 million.

I noticed one of the Intel GPU machines is producing consistently less work than the other Intel GPU machines. They are all meant to be identical. I had a look and found a BIOS setting that might have been causing this and have changed it. The recent average credit is climbing but I can't tell yet as its still not caught up with the others. I could only do this recently because all the machines are running the same mix of work (Seti), before they weren't.

Asteroids have been having a number of issues with running out of space on their server, specifically for uploads. They only have 1 server. They seem to need more disk space so if anyone wants to help out please ask over on their forums. I suggested they get a Drobo rather than a server as their main need seems to be storage.

Update: Sun 24th of August
The oldest of the Raspberry Pi's has been playing up. It dropped off the network and I couldn't access it. After a few goes at rebooting it I reimaged the SD card and then updated Debian only to have it fail again upon rebooting. I have reimaged another SD card and put that in it.

I suspect the card has reached its limit of writes. Apparently they have around 100k write cycles and most name-brand ones incorporate some wear-levelling. Its a name-brand card and supposedly has a lifetime warranty. I don't have the receipt so couldn't return it anyway.

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