12 March 2016

12th of March

Farm status
Intel GPUs
One running overnight

Nvidia GPUs
All off

Parallellas and Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Farm news
My 4 Pi3's turned up today. Unfortunately I only have one spare heatsink so used it. Cut-over from a Pi2 to Pi3 was straight forward. Shutdown Pi2, remove SD card, back it up and insert into Pi3. Start up Pi3 and off it went. I updated the firmware (sudo rpi-update) and that was it. Heat is a big problem though. It went like this:

pi@xxx ~ $ vcgencmd measure_temp

Full load
pi@xxx ~ $ vcgencmd measure_temp
pi@xxx ~ $ vcgencmd measure_temp
pi@xxx ~ $ vcgencmd measure_temp
pi@xxx ~ $ vcgencmd measure_temp
pi@xxx ~ $ vcgencmd measure_temp

As you can see it gets HOT. At that point I pointed a desk fan at it which seems to have got it back to 52 degrees. Room temperature was 28 degrees. You'll need a heatsink and a fan.

It looks like when my official Pi cases arrive I will need to do some surgery and add a fan. It will probably be something like I did to the Parallella (see my 19 May 2014 blog post to get an idea).

While doing a bit of research online I came across the C4 Labs Invasion case which I think looks pretty cool. You can see it better at http://c4labs.net/products/invasion-for-raspberry-pi-2-and-b

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