03 April 2016

3rd of April

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All running Einstein overnight

Nvidia GPUs
The 6 core/12 thread machines are running Einstein overnight when the weather allows

Parallellas and Pis
Running Einstein work around the clock

The Einstein O1 search is running on the faster machines. They expect the first run to take 100 days to complete. After that they will do other searches using the same data.

Pi case mods
The official Raspberry Pi cases arrived a week ahead of schedule. While the Pi3 is the same size as the Pi2 and the earlier B+ there is one difference that the case doesn't allow for. The LED's on the Pi3 are on the opposite side. The official Pi case has a couple of holes covered by clear plastic but they are on the wrong side for the Pi3 so I will need to drill a couple of holes.

The top of the official Pi case
The underside of the top.
Top next to the rest of the case so you can see how it clips together.

My original idea was to mount a 60mm fan on the top of the case. Unfortunately there is a ridge of plastic on the underside of the top piece that is exactly where the screws would go.


Plan B is to use a 40mm fan instead. I have ordered four Noctua 40mm 5 volt fans and already purchased a 38mm drill bit to cut the hole.

Lastly the copper heatsinks are proving difficult to find. I had one set left over from the Pi2's which also fit the Pi3. The larger SoC heatsink is 13x13x13mm in size and there is a slightly smaller one for the USB/network chip. There is one seller on eBay who sells a kit of two heatsinks with a miniature fan, however I don't want their fan. The other couple of companies I have purchased from previously don't seem to have any stock.

There are smaller (height) copper heatsinks available but they don't have enough surface area to be of any use. There are also plenty of aluminium ones but it isn't as efficient as copper.

Noctua have a C shaped PC cooler (NH-C14) that would be ideal for these if only they could shrink it to fit the Pi3.

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