11 June 2016

11th of June

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All running Einstein O1 search

Nvidia GPUs
All running Einstein O1 search

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 search

Pi news
Got 2 more Pi3's this week.

Added number 8 to the farm. Went to copy backup from another one and write to new SD card only to have WinDiskImager complain new SD card was smaller. They are all Sandisk Ultra 16Gb cards. I ended up clean installing it, starting with Jessie-lite and upgrade it to Stretch and then update kernel which gave me 4.4.12.

 I swapped out number 7 thinking it was faulty. Went to upgrade kernel and bricked it. Apparently it wasn't faulty. So clean install from Jessie-lite, upgrade it to Stretch and did a kernel update which now is up to 4.4.13.

Tonight I tried upgrading Stretch on number 1 and bricked it so looks like I am going to have to go through each one of them and clean install Jessie-lite and upgrade them.

Other news
I reorganising the shelving so I could get the proxy server and some of the Pi's off the floor. That bit is done.

I still need to find a better solution for the Pi's. There are few issues having so many of them. The first one is around power cables/adapters. I currently have 8 and need a couple of power boards to plug them all in. The second issue is how to house them. Currently I have each one in an official case. Most of the multi-user ones seem to stack them using something like the Beaglebone which is simply a piece of Perspex in the shape of a bone and a bunch of metal stand-offs. I could put all of the Pi's in a row on some Perspex and then have another layer above with holes to mount the 40mm fans, held up by metal stand-off's. Its just a idea at the moment.

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