14 November 2016

14th of November

Farm Status
Intel GPUs
Running Seti work

Nvidia GPUs

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
Its been hot for the last few days so the farm has been off apart from the Raspberry Pis. Its forecast to be cool (22-23 degrees C) for the next few days so the Intel GPUs are off and running.

I ordered 7 more SSHD's for the Intel GPU machines. There are 8 machines in the Intel GPU cluster. One has an SSD plus hard disk so I am not upgrading it.

I'm expecting the Einstein project will start to process their Multi Directed Gravity Wave Search soon. They released a few thousand work units as a "tuning" run which we finished off a few weeks ago. There should be the production run of the data starting any day now. Its a CPU only app so I'll probably throw the Intel GPUs at it (which is why I upgraded their memory to 16Gb last month).

I'm still holding off buying GPU replacements given the EVGA cards catching on fire. My current thoughts are a GTX1060 will probably be a good upgrade from the GTX970's. It should be around the same speed but use a lot less electricity.

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