10 July 2017

9th of July

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Running Einstein gravity waves during the week. All doing Asteroids work now.

Nvidia GPUs
Two Ryzens are running Seti work. Two i3's finishing off Einstein gravity wave work.

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work.

Other news
The parts for the next two Ryzen builds arrived during the week. I need to drop them off at the computer shop. They will assemble them and move the i3's into Fractal Designs ARC Mini cases that are currently empty. This will bring the farm up to 4 Ryzens with a GTX1060 in each. That's 32 cores/64 threads in the Ryzens and 32 cores/64 threads in the i7's.

I haven't been running Asteroids work recently so I have all the Intel GPU machines currently running it. Asteroids is on 37M credits. I passed 40M credits for Einstein during the week so I am letting Asteroids catch up. Seti is on 42.6M credits.

Debian bugs
I haven't heard anything back regarding the two Debian bugs I have raised.

The Mate desktop doesn't seem to come up after doing a clean-install of Stretch on the Intel GPU machines. I had to go back to Jessie to get it working. I was asked for a list of files that were installed and have provided that.

The second bug is the all_projects_list.xml file is missing from the current boinc-client package which results in being unable to attach to projects. A work around is to copy the file from another computer if you have it. There was some discussion on the boinc-dev mailing list regarding this being a bug in the core client as it is supposed to download it if the file is missing but doesn't. There is some work on a new boinc-client with a couple of bug fixes and a framework for some new features so it may get fixed.

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