05 November 2017

5th of November

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Three running Asteroids, the rest off

Nvidia GPUs
All four running Asteroids CPU work

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP work

Asteroids work
Why asteroids? They have the lowest credits of the projects I crunch so I am trying to get them up to 50M. Currently I have 44M credits for Asteroids.

They ran out of work during the week so I had a couple of the Nvidia GPU machines doing Einstein work. Asteroids then put up 800,000 work units so I had to finish off the Einstein work and 12 hours later they started on Asteroids. I had the other two Ryzen’s going as soon as the work units showed up. Unfortunately the Asteroids CUDA 5.5 app isn’t compatible with the CUDA 9 driver under Debian so I can’t use the GPUs.

With just the Ryzen’s going thats 64 work units in flight, but wait there are also three i7’s doing their bit as well so another 24 work units being computed. What about the other i7’s I hear you ask. Well two have been detached from Asteroids in an attempt to get the server to give them the avx app. The other three are off so I don’t overload the power circuit.

Rpi Case
I did visit the 3D printing studio during the week with my design for a Raspberry Pi case. I should get the CAD drawings this week. I expect I will need to adjust things before asking them to print the case. Hopefully it won’t take too long to finalise and I will be able to share some images of the prototype. I am already considering some design changes.

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