18 February 2018

18th of February

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off.

Nvidia GPUs
All off

Raspberry Pis
Six with fans running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
Doing more Einstein Gravity wave O2 tuning run work. This time its the i7-8700 and a couple of the Ryzen’s. The Ryzen’s seem to take quite a long time with them at the higher frequencies, even when running on half the available cores.

I did software updates on all the Pis, however one of them threw seg faults after rebooting. I reimaged the SD card but it was horribly slow. I assumed that meant the SD card was stuffed and reimaged a new one and reinstalled everything. Speeds are much quicker now which seems to confirm my diagnosis.

I had to go over to North Ryde to pickup the parts for the 5 new i7-8700’s. They are currently awaiting assembly. I am hoping my PC assembler will be available soon so I can get them going, especially with the Einstein gravity wave tuning run finishing in a week or so and the actual processing run starting. The hot weather isn’t helping either.

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