28 September 2019

28th of September

Farm status
Intel GPUs
One running Einstein Gravity Wave work

Nvidia GPUs
All running Einstein Gravity Wave work

Raspberry Pis
All except two running Einstein BRP4 work

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Other news
Last week I mentioned issues installing ZFS. I raised a bug report with Debian. A work around was posted for the installer issue and I have now got ZFS running on one of the storage servers. I haven't tried the other one yet but expect the same process will work on it.

Also last week I tried updating one of the Nvidia GPU machines to Debian Buster, their current release. It locks up while booting but can be accessed via ssh. From there I can install the Nvidia drivers. It will boot after that but the screen will only do 1024x768 resolution. I raised another bug for Debian. In the mean time I have gone back to running Debian Stretch which works fine.

CPDN announced on the 18th of June they were going to run the OpenIFS climate models. Normally they run 32 bit versions of the UK Met Office climate models. Since then I increased the memory in the Intel GPU machines to be able to run these. We're still waiting for these climate models to become available.

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