17 November 2019

17th of November

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off

Nvidia GPUs
All running Einstein O2MD1 search

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Catastrophic fire danger
Last week saw a catastrophic fire danger declared so everything was switched off. There has been a smoke haze over the city for the last couple of weeks from bush fires up north. The last week saw a number of fires around Sydney's suburbs, most of which were dealt with quickly.

Despite this we had a couple of cool days so I had most of the x64 computers running the Einstein O2MD1 work on their CPU's. They take around 15-17 hours when running on all threads.

More Intel bugs
Announced this week were a couple more security bugs with the Intel CPUs. The bugs have been known for a while but were waiting on mitigations being made available before they publicly announce them. With all the mitigations being put into Intel they're now somewhat slower than the AMD CPUs.

Debian Buster point release
Debian did a 10.2 point release this weekend.

I haven't upgraded the Nvidia GPU machines from Stretch because of things not working. I'll need to try upgrading one to see if they have fixed the issues yet. My main issue was Buster puts the screen into 1024x768 resolution and can't be changed. This doesn't occur under Stretch. I raised a Debian bug in September but it doesn't appear for have made any progress.

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