11 January 2020

New year. New decade

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off

Nvidia GPUs
All running Einstein gravity wave work (on CPU)

Raspberry Pis
Two running, the rest are off.

New year
As another year ticks by and we're still crunching. Recently I've been looking at an industrial unit but the prices are too high in Sydney. Maybe something further away.

The bush fires keep effecting the air quality. The air quality and temperatures effect the ability to run the computers. Fortunately I haven't been directly impacted by the fires.

I mentioned in my 24th of November post that I made an offer to fund the SuperHost idea but I had no feedback from any of the key people in the BOINC world. I still haven't had any response. I have some money that I put aside for such development work but seeing as there is no interest in SuperHost I may as well use it for another purpose. I have two other things I was interested in:

1. A monitoring tool for a farm of BOINC machines that would highlight which machines need attention. The idea is to use it in conjunction with BOINCtasks. I did run the idea past Fred Efmer (the author of BT) but he felt that BT was able to issue alerts and wasn't inclined to do further development.

2. Power9 CPU support. Now these aren't exactly your high end desktop, they are more of a server grade CPU. Raptor computing make desktop and server grade machines along with IBM and probably a few more companies. The US has a couple of clusters (Summit and Sierra) running them. Debian Buster can run on them so there is already Linux and BOINC support. That just leaves the project apps needing to be ported to the ppc64el architecture as its known.

I expect there are more people who would be interested in point 1 than there are people who run a Power9 CPU so I am more inclined towards point 1.

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