16 February 2020

Mid February

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off. Have been doing bursts of work

Nvidia GPUs
All off. Had 3 doing bursts of Seti and Milkyway work

Raspberry Pi
Running bursts of work as weather permits

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Buster and Nvidia-driver
After updating one of the Nvidia GPU machines to Debian Buster and trying all sorts of things to get it to display properly (it would only do 1024x768 resolution) I have finally got it going.

Under Stretch (the release prior) I install nvidia-kernel-dkms, nvidia-opencl-icd and nvidia-smi and it installs the glx driver as well as the CUDA and OpenCL components. Not so under Buster. You have to install nvidia-driver in order to get the glx driver. It seems the packaging has changed with Buster for some reason.

Now that I have worked that out I can now look at upgrading the other machines. I raised a bug with Debian in September 2019.

Weather news
Or Weather or not to run. We've gone from bush fires to floods. The weather is presenting challenges hence the bursts of work when I can. Typically it will be just a few hours so I will run Seti and Milkyway as their work units are fairly short (an hour or two on the CPU and minutes on the GPU). If it looks like it will be cooler for longer I will run Einstein CPU work which takes 7 to 14 hours depending on how many I run at once.

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