29 March 2020

29th of March

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Four running Rosetta work

Nvidia GPUs
Three running Einstein gravity wave work

Raspberry Pis
Eight running Einstein BRP4 work

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Its all about the Corona virus these days. Some tech commentators have suggested to run Folding@home however they have so many new users they can't generate enough work to keep up with demand.

I gave their Linux app a try. Its a stand-alone app. It gave errors on install because it uses Python 2 which is depreciated but the CPU did work. Its a multi-thread app and used 11 out of 12 threads on the machine I tried it on. It didn't find the OpenCL run-time library so wouldn't use the GPU. Its probably looking in the wrong place for it. I removed it. They need to update it for current Linux distributions which use Python 3 and current placement of the OpenCL libraries.

Another project studying the Corona virus protein, however this one is a BOINC-based project. They only have a CPU app and it uses a single thread. You can run multiple instances. They have two apps, the first is Rosetta Mini and uses around 400-500MB memory and the standard Rosetta app which can use up to 2GB memory per thread. I've been running it on the Intel GPU machines as they have 32GB. Tasks take a certain amount of time, which defaults to 8 hours but you can adjust it to more of less via the web site project preferences.

One of the Intel GPU machines failed half the work units complaining about memory errors, so once it finishes its current work I will have to have a look at it. I suspect the memory isn't seated properly for one or two sticks of memory because half of them seem to work.

They've said they will also be doing some Corona virus protein studies, but don't currently have any. They have a Nvidia GPU app. I have been running some of their current work recently.

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