20 July 2020

Second Ryzen 3900X build

Some photos from the recent Ryzen 3900X build. This is the second one to join the farm.

Here it is partially assembled with the motherboard in the case. This is a Meshify C case which takes an ATX motherboard and not much else. There are a couple of 3.5" hard drive bays in the bottom (enclosed) section at the front, however the cabling usually gets stuffed in there.

The view from the front of the case with the mesh removed.

With all the bits in there. The short card near the bottom is a 2.5GbE NIC. The larger card above it is a GT 710 graphics card.

And powered up so you can see the glow from the RGB memory. I don't know about the rest of you but I find it rather annoying. I prefer to use memory without the bling, except it wasn't available at the time.

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