30 August 2020

August 30

Farm status
CPU only
Running Einstein work.

Intel GPUs

Nvidia GPUs

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein and the occasional Rosetta work.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Radio BOINC Network
They do regular podcasts about BOINC and the various projects. To quote their website "BOINC Radio is a participatory podcast hosted on the BOINC Network Discord server". You can join in and ask questions if you want, or just listen to the podcasts at your leisure. Their website is https://www.boinc.network/

Idling along
The weather is warming up. Its almost Spring in Sydney so the farm is idle during the day and processing overnight when its cooler.

As mentioned in my last post the workload is transitioning from all Rosetta to a mix of Rosetta and other projects.

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