27 September 2020

27th of September

Farm status
CPU only
Running Rosetta work.

Intel GPUs
Off. Did some Rosetta overnight.

Nvidia GPUs
Running bursts of GPUgrid and Milkyway work.

Raspberry Pis
Three running Einstein and Rosetta work. Ten running Einstein work.

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Updated CUDA
Nvidia released CUDA 11.1 to support the RTX30 cards. Not that anyone can get them at the moment.

There are reports some of the 3rd party cards are having issues due to changes they made to the power delivery sub-system. JayzTwoCents did a video on this where he tears down a number of RTX30 cards where you can see what some of the manufacturers did. The Nvidia Founders Edition cards are not effected.

There are reports the GPUgrid ACEMD3 app fails with unknown arch so hopefully they won't take too long to update it.

Einstein (OpenCL) apps work although may not be as fast as they could be.

So where does that leave me? I tend to buy GPU's that are around the 100-120 watt power level which the current cards are well above. There is a rumored RTX 3060 which might fit my needs. It will be some months until supply is sorted out and we don't have any details of the 3060, which means more waiting.

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