26 January 2021

Australia Day 2021

Farm status
Everything is off. Has been for the last few weeks due to building repairs and painting. They should be finished today so I will look at restarting the farm once the weather cools down tonight. Its currently 34 degrees C.

Ampere Mt. Snow
I got a quote for a Ampere Computing Mt Snow. They're not cheap, but then I didn't expect it to be. I asked for the Q80-30 CPU (80 ARM v8 cores running at 3.0GHz). Its slightly slower than their top of the line model (3.3GHz) but uses less power.

I have to get the quote updated as its only got 128GB of memory which I don't think will be enough for 80 cores, I will bump it up to 256GB. I also need to clarify what networking it has built in, hopefully 10GbE otherwise I will have to add a network card.

Other news
I'm looking to off load the Intel GPU machines from the farm. Hopefully I can get some money for them and maybe I will add another Ryzen 5900X into the mix to make up for the lost CPU cores, although most computing projects are using GPUs these days.

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