28 February 2021

28th of February

Farm status
CPU only
Did Rosetta during the week. Currently idle

Intel GPUs

Nvidia GPUs
Did bursts of Einstein and Milkyway on GPU

Raspberry Pis
Pi3 running Einstein. Pi4's running Einstein and Rosetta

2.5GbE networking
That is 2500 Mbit/sec speeds using existing cat 5e or better cabling.

I've got a 5 port 2.5GbE switch on order. While looking at the QNAP model QSW-1105-5T switch I found that my usual computer shop also has TP-Link model SG105-M2 (5 port) and model SG108-M2 (8 port) 2.5GbE switches awailable.

For NIC's one can pick up an add-in PCIe card on eBay for around 50 AUD. The ones I have been buying are based around a Realtek chip and only need a 1x slot. Once the switch turns up I will install the NIC's in the Nvidia GPU machines.

This was prompted in part by Einstein's gravity wave spotlight search. Each pair of data files is approx 5MB and its downloading a lot of them. The other thing is my ISP has temporarily given me 250/15 Mbit speed (for free) while they trial higher speed internet plans.

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