21 March 2009

Introducing Darth Maul

Well the KFSN4 went off to the computer shop and came back as a P6T sporting a zippy new Intel i7-920 and 3Gb of RAM. It also has a couple of GTX260-216 video cards. Its known as Darth Maul.

I had a few teething problems installing XP which turned out to be a dud CD. Used a different CD and that fixed it. Applied SP3, download latest 74Mb of fixes from Microsoft and its ready to roll.

Installed BOINC and picked up a couple of GPUgrid wu and it seemed happy. It then picked up some Einstein work, cpu fans all ramped up and then it crashed. The shop had OC'ed it to 3.9Ghz. So hop into the BIOS, reset to factory defaults and off we go again at 2.67Ghz this time. Seems to be stable now.

Here is the GPU-Z screen shot of one of the 2 GTX260-216 cards.

Here is the CPU-Z screen shot of the i7-920 after resetting to factory defaults.

And here is the BOINC manager showing all the tasks.

Lastly I had to go and update the flops counts in the Seti app_info to reflect the different speed compared to my usual quad-core machines. It hasn't picked up any Seti work yet so we'll see how much of a speed difference it makes.

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