15 March 2009

Seti 3 million

I reached 3 million credits for Seti tonight. Currently on 4.48 million for all BOINC projects. Here is my certificate.

Highlights of this week
  • Seti hit 3 million credits
  • The ill-fated KFSN4 has gone off to become an i7. Should be back next week
  • BOINC testing, now running 6.6.15. All machines updated to this version
  • Finished app_info setup for Seti cuda and non-cuda work

As mentioned above and on the previous post, I setup an app_info file to allow processing of Astropulse, Astropulse_v5, multibeam (non-cuda) and multibeam (cuda) for Seti@home. Since Seti updated their server software earlier in the week this has been crunching away on the cuda-capable hosts, which is probably why it took less time to reach 3 million credits.

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