20 June 2009

Rearranging deckchairs (part 2)

Now that the Belkin KVM switch is installed and the extra shelving unit is in place this is how the farm is currently looking.

Top shelf, Left at the back a thermometer and mouse in the foreground. Middle: A 22" LCD monitor, the (new) Belkin KVM and a keyboard on top. Right: Internet router at the back with the wireless antenna poking up and in the foreground an 8 port switch.

Middle shelf, Left is Yoda, Middle: Qui-Gon. Right: Luke

Bottom shelf, Left is a P4. Middle: Obi-Wan. Right: Anakin

The beige colored machine is a P4 used as a file server. The other 5 quaddies are identical except Yoda who doesn't have a graphics card (yet). Not shown is Maul as its moving to the other side of the room in order to distribute some power as this lot are all connected to the one power point.


Anonymous said...

Nice Rack Bet its warm in winter and if my i7 is anyting to go by hot in summer.lol
Dave (FiveHamlet)

Mark G James said...

Yes it does get hot in summer. Another reason for moving the i7 over to the other side of the room.