19 September 2009

Going backwards

Things just don't seem to be working out this week...

BOINC versions
There were a couple of new versions of BOINC released, unfortunately both have an annoying bug where it preempts cuda tasks. I have only installed it on one machine which will be getting reset back to 6.10.3 after I finish updating this blog.

Ongoing issues with P6T deluxe
I am still having issues with the new P6T deluxe supplied by the computer shop. I have told them to supply the standard P6T motherboard seeing as this one is causing grief. Its also what was quoted and accepted. At the time their supplier substituted the P6T deluxe v2 motherboards as they didn't have stock. This morning I dropped one back to the shop (fortunately its been sitting in the garage all week still in its box). The third one hasn't been delivered yet, so it too will built as a standard P6T.

As mentioned last week, one of the GTX295's has problems. I have swapped it out for my GTX275 in the mean time to get the machine going. I downloaded a cuda memory tester app and when I get around to installing the faulty GTX295 back in a machine will run the test on it.

As I no longer have a spare nVidia graphics card I have given the ATI HD4850 to the shop to install in the third P6T. I was hoping to put a GTX295 in there (or the 275 temporarily).

A new record
And you thought I was a hard-core computing person... I spotted this link over in one of the GPUgrid forums. Its about a new world record computer sporting 4 x GTX295 cards. The company in question has an app which can utilize all those processor units.

The link: http://www.manifold.net/info/pr_gpu_record2.shtml

GPUgrid taking donations
This is a medical science project and they are looking to raise 50,000 euros to fund one of their staff for a full year. They are now taking donations. I got stuck while trying to do a credit card donation last week. I kept my promise this week as they now can take PayPal donations. The highest donor can choose which disease they will concentrate their analysis on next.

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