13 September 2009

This week has seen a flurry of activity.

New i7's arrive
Two more i7's arrived to join the "farm". I have yet to get them out of their boxes. I have rearranged the rack to accomodate them. Their specs:

Motherboard: ASUS P6T deluxe
Processor: Intel core i7 920 (2.67Ghz)
Graphics: Palit GTX295

Finishing off
You can see the two remaining quaddies on the middle shelf. The beige coloured machine is the file server. The quaddies are just finishing off the last of their work before I decommission them.

BOINC testing
I have been testing the latest BOINC version as they now support the ATI graphics cards. We reached 6.10.4 but it unfortunately had some issues and I had to go back down to 6.10.3. There have been changes since then so I expect a couple of new versions next week.

ATI graphics card
The computer shop finally managed to get a Corsair PCIe modular power cable in. I haven't opened up Maul to see if it has the right connectors yet. The PCIe end is fine, its the power supply end that is questionable.

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