09 October 2009

7 million

This weeks BOINC news...

Seti hits 7 million
I just hit the 7 million credits for Seti tonight. Below is my Setificate.

ATI woes
The software for the ATI has been causing some grief, with driver restarts whenever you click on anything on the screen. I have tried a number of the Catalyst drivers including 9.1, 9.2, 9.8 and 9.9 which all seem to have this problem while running CAL/Book+ applications. At the moment I am now trying the 8.12 driver.

Despite these driver restarts I have managed to get Milkyway@home (one of the BOINC projects that has a CAL/Brook+ application) up to 64,000 credits. Its taking approx 65 seconds per work unit on the HD4850 card.

BOINC testing
A couple more BOINC versions out this week. Currently its up to 6.10.13 (which I have running on two machines). It all seems to be behaving well on both the ATI and the nVidia equipped machines. The developers think it might be stable enough for a release soon.


Games said...

I am using these software and it continuously gives an error regarding drivers and other things so how can i fix this problem?

Mark G James said...

If you are running XP the catalyst driver to use seems to be 8.12