13 February 2010

More memory woes

Well I got 4 sets of memory from the shop this week, replacements for the 2nd lot of duds. I put one set into Sulu and left the memory tester running. All good, so onto Maul. Not so good. All 3 sets failed. Came up as 4Gb instead of 6Gb.

At the moment what I might do, when I can run its cache of work down, is to take the memory out of Sulu and stick it into Maul. If that works then its probably the memory. If it fails then its probably just Maul.

Update: Swapped memory out of Sulu into Maul and it still reports as 4Gb. So its something about Mary, I mean Maul. Swapped it back, put original 1Gb x 3 back into Maul and we are back at square one.

Or should that be whether to run or not? Its been hot and sticky again this week, raining in the evenings, so all the machines have been off for most of the week, with some occasional runs overnight. Not much science done this last week.

Project news: GPUgrid
New faster app released to the public. Its claimed to be up to 60% faster, but I think thats if your cpu has nothing else to do. Unfortunately mine are busy running cpu tasks as well as the gpu tasks, so its nowhere near that figure.

It also didn't resolve the FFT issues with the 65nm GTX260's (which Maul has a pair of). I didn't expect it to as its really an Nvidia issue.

Project news: Einstein
They have release a new app that takes 4 ABP work units at a time, so they take 4 times as long to run. This in turn relieves some of the stress on the server.

BOINC testing
Some changes are afoot. They are planning on doing nightly automated builds. They are also looking for some more people who'd like to do alpha testing, preferably with a fair bit of experience with BOINC. That reminds me I should install 6.10.32 on one of the machines to test it.

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