01 March 2010

Autumn. Time for crunching

Not much to report this week. Weather was warm to hot until today, when like someone has thrown a switch its back to colder weather. Its also the 1st day of autumn. Being cool and wet has meant temps are down, so I have got 3 machines running as I type this.

Maul. No verdict
Checked with the computer shop on Friday to see if they have managed to find anything out about Maul and its 4Gb memory limit. They have some parts coming in so haven't managed to try certain things yet (like removing the cpu). They expect to swap the cpu for another one, if only temporarily, to see if that resolves things this week.

They did the obvious things like change the memory, but then i'd already ruled that out by using a known good set that I took out of Sulu, and have since put back.

BOINC news
I did offer my services as an alpha tester but never got a reply back. Hello Rom.

There are some rumblings of discontent by certain users. All very nice complaining, but none are volunteering to do any coding. If they really wanted to improve it then they should start doing something about it.

The current beta version is 6.10.35. Just a few minor changes in this one, so I haven't bothered putting it on any machine. In fact the most up to date machine was Maul and its off at the shop now.

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wolfgang8741 said...

Hi Mark,

I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog posts about BOINC. I am a huge fan of BOINC, volunteer computing, and citizen science.

I am volunteering over with GridRepublic (http://www.gridrepublic.org) putting my skills to the advancement of volunteer computing to the mainstream. I have a lot of hope for this year in new developments and awareness through GridRepublic.

Keep up the good posts.