15 August 2010

15th of August

None this week. Number crunching continues for various projects.

Einstein finds a new pulsar
They seem to have found a new pulsar. Unfortunately it wasn't me, but it does show what distributed computing can do. There is also a suggestion there is a 2nd discovery which is currently being verified.

Link for details of the 1st discovery: http://einstein.phys.uwm.edu/radiopulsar/html/discovery_page/firstdiscovery.html

Windows updates
They went overboard this week. Around 29Mb of updates for the Windows 7 machines (each) and around 12Mb for the Windows XP machines (each). So a lot of bandwidth was used up on these, not to mention the time for me to install them on each machine.

2nd GTX460
Chekov currently has an ATI HD4850 installed and is mostly dormant. I've ordered another GTX460 for it and will swap out the ATI card.

Seti beta cuda app testing
This is fairly quiet at the moment. A bug has been identified in cuda 3.1 that it is unable to work out which card is doing the work for FFT calculations and thus they fail in mixed-card machines. This will supposedly get corrected with cuda 3.2.

Maul progress
Its been transplanted into a CM storm Sniper case, which will make it look the same as the others at least. Its been done by the shop, but I need to collect it, which means it will have to wait until next weekend before it comes home.

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