23 August 2010

23rd of August

Nothing again this week. Crunching continues

Maul not home
I was supposed to pick up Maul after its case transplant, but the shop hasn't done it yet. It looks like next weekend now before it comes home. I did however pickup the 2nd GTX460 during the week.

BOINC testing
We had 6.11.6 released during the week, which incorporates a number of additions for the full functionality of notices. It looks pretty much the same as before from a users perspective. I have it running on Spock at the moment and will look at rolling it out to the others later.

Seti cuda optimised app
The guys at the Lunatics web site seem to be firming the x32f cuda 3.0 app for a release. They have asked us to concentrate on testing it. I previous tested the cuda 3.1 version and a later x32h version. I currently have 2 machines running it.

I managed to trash a cache of Seti work while updating the science app on Qui-Gon to x32h. Normally I wait until its finished all its work before updating a science app but because it was going to be almost a whole day before it finished I did it anyway, with the result that BOINC decided I didn't have the require apps and deleted all the work units.

With the Fermi-based cards you can run multiple instances of the app per card (assuming it has enough memory). I have been running 2 instances of the cuda 3.0 app at the same time, which finish marginally quicker than running a single instance.

GPU-Z 0.4.5
Below are a couple of screen shot of the GTX460 with the newer version of GPU-Z. This was while running 2 instances of the Seti x32f cuda 3.0 app.

As you can see from this last one the GPU is loaded up pretty much to the maximum.

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