25 April 2012

ANZAC day 2012

Today is ANZAC day. the term ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. Its a day where we remember the sacrifices made by defence personel since the forming of the ANZAC force in World War I. Its like Remembrance day in the UK.

Other SSD installed
As I mentioned in my previous post I got a couple of Intel SSD's. One was installed in the i7-950 machine and the other I installed this week in the i7-970 machine. Installation was painless this time and it just worked out of the box.

CPU upgrade on the way
I have purchased (via eBay) another i7-970 chip. This will be used to replace an i7-920 in one of the other machines. Once I get it I will get a second Corsair H80 cooler installed by the shop at the same time.

Today I spent a bit of time getting it ready. I already have spare memory so the machine was updated to 12Gb of RAM. While I was at it I flashed the BIOS to the latest one. It had a GTX570 in it but I have swapped it out in favor of a GTX560Ti (which I also had spare). The GTX570 will be listed on eBay soon, it hasn't had much use so no point keeping it.

CPDN woes
They have had 2 of their upload servers fail with hard disk errors. I have a number of completed work units which cannot upload, along with most other users.

I have made a donation which I hope they will use to replace some hard disks. I would encourage anyone who also does CPDN work to make a donation if they can. The link to their donation page is hard to find (I had to ask where it was in one of their message boards). It is: http://climateprediction.net/content/donations

Coupled with this, or maybe as a result of, they have released 65,000 hapam3p_pnw (Pacific North West regional) work units.

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