08 April 2012

8th of March (Easter long weekend)

BOINC testing
We got 7.0.25 which is soon to become the release version. Not much changed since last week when we had .23 for testing. The only hold up I am led to believe is the documentation needs to be updated before they can officially release it.

Farm news
The farm has been fairly quiet this week. I have had one of the quaddies (the only one I currently use now) running most of the week. Its been concentrating on Seti work. In between that I have had a couple of the i7's going. One has been concentrating on Seti and the other sharing between Climate Prediction, Einstein and GPUgrid.

I passed 52 million for GPUgrid last week. Due to the warmer weather its rather slow going at the moment.

GPUUG news
They are still running a fund raiser for 10 spare 2Tb hard disk drives. I made a donation that should cover 3 of the 10 drives. We still need some other people to finish it off.

In the mean time they have provided a couple of Shuttle workstations for Seti as their existing workstations have failed. Along with that they have asked for some keyboards and mice.

Project news - GPUgrid
They have had another GTX680 donated. They are currently testing a Cuda 4.2 app for Linux and then expect to have a Windows one available some time next week. They are hoping this will make the 680 perform better (using the current apps its actually worse than a GTX580).

Project news - Seti
They have installed the new servers and JBOD into the racks. They are in the process of swapping functions over. They hit a snag when one of the existing servers was unable to plug into the JBOD as it has a proprietry plug.

Hopefully we'll see the new download server in action soon and the two existing ones can be retired (one is faulty). What effect this will have on downloads will be interesting to see.

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