25 March 2012

25th of March

There is on-going development of BOINC for the Android platform. There was already a subset of BOINC which was simply a manager to connect to another machine running BOINC. The BOINC client can be compiled for the Android platform. The Manager (the GUI part of BOINC) becomes a bit of an issue because some of the libraries it uses haven't been ported to the Android. For more information see the following link:


BOINC testing
We got 7.0.23 yesterday. It has some minor scheduling adjustments and a fix for file permissions in the Linux and Mac versions. So far working without issue on a couple of machines.

Farm news
Nothing much to report this week. As usual a warm week with a wet weekend. We squeeze in as much crunching as possible in the cooler times.

I still need to find a case for the Adventure (see my previous blog post). No further developments regarding the coprocessors from either Adepteva or ClearSpeed. I still need to sell off old graphics cards as well.

BOINC has been selected for the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2012 program. Once a open-source project has been selected students can put proposals forward for what they would like to do with it. The open-source project then selects which ones they would like done and matches students to the task(s). Google offers a stipend to the selected students while they do the coding throughout summer.

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