03 March 2012

3rd of March

BOINC testing
We got 7.0.18 last week. So far working fine. I haven't had a chance to replicate my GPU work fetch testing I did with 7.0.15, but I suspect it still has the same problem.

Farm news
Nothing much happening on the farm this week. We had a pretty hot week with a couple of cool days thrown in. I had the 2 main GPUgrid machines running flat-out on the cool days to try and get things moving.

Still no news regarding the Adventure, need to chase them up again.

GPUUG server donations
Here is a link to some pictures of the recent purchase by the GPU Users Group of a couple of servers for the Seti@Home project. They put together two servers on this occasion.

Astropulse/Ntpckr and Download servers get assembled

Again a special thank you to Graham Middleton and the team at the GPU Users Group.

Project news - Einstein
They just keep finding new pulsars. This week it was another 3 in the Parkes data. and the week before another 3 in the Arecibo data. They are up to 9 new pulsars this year alone.

They have only processed data from 2 radio telescopes, so I wonder how many more they could find if they had access to data from other telescopes.

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