18 February 2012

18th of February

Adventure saga
Well I reminded the case people that I had sent them the links to their own website. I also include pictures of the case from Japan and the Intel one (used to show off the Knights Corner cards). They don't think the case I had in mind will be able to handle the amount of heat. They think there is an alternative one that might be better suited to what I need, however no further news since then. I suppose I will have to call them again next week.

BOINC testing
Nothing new this week. Still running 7.0.15, although a Mac version of 7.0.16 has appeared today.

Farm news
Its been pretty quiet with the hot weather. I am trying to crunch a bit overnight when the temperatures drop.
I removed the graphics card from Obi-Wan and decided I will run it as a CPU only machine (its a Core 2 Quad) as the case isn't really designed to handle a graphics card producing all the heat. Seeing as its been off for 3 months it wanted a fair few updates to be applied, which I did to bring it up to date.

Orbit at Home
On the 8th of Feb they announced that their grant request to NASA had been rejected. No doubt one of many due to budget cuts. The Planetry Society who also support the project have started a campaign to try and address the imbalance of the cuts.

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