02 February 2012

2nd of February

BOINC testing
We got 7.0.12 last week. It has a solution to the button auto-resizing. Now they are fixed width so that solves one annoying thing. Unfortunately it still doesn't build up a GPU cache. I have provided log samples to the developers so hopefully it won't take too long to fix.

Farm news
The beginning of the week was hot and humid. Everything was off (except the air conditioner). For the last couple of days its been cool and wet, so I have had a few machines going flat out. I am also trying to document the GPU cache issue so have 1 machine running for a while and then let it run down its cache before doing it all over again.

I have been trying to finish off the last couple of CPDN full-res ocean work units (only 13 hours left on one and 17 hours on the other).  The other CPDN work units usually give 6 to 9 months to complete, but not these, they want them back within 3 months and they are the longest running work units they have!

I have also been trying, when the weather permits, to get GPUgrid over the 50 million milestone. Unfortunately not too much progress there.

I got a replacement power supply to put into Maul so I can add another GTX560Ti into him. Its only got 2 PCIe power connectors (its a Seasonic 750w modular). I will have to return it for something with a higher power rating in order to get 4 PCIe power connectors. I still have the 1000w Corsair power supply that came out of Maul when I changed cases, however I was saving it to use with the Adventure.

Speaking of the Adventure, the shop have given up trying to find a suitable rack-mount case. I did a bit of Googling yesterday and managed to find a company in Sydney that does all sorts, including something that looks like it will do the job. I will be calling them tomorrow to see what I can arrange.

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